<transcy>Shengki Takeo</transcy>
<transcy>Shengki Takeo</transcy>
<transcy>Shengki Takeo</transcy>


Shengki Takeo

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This product is sold by Takumi's house with the direct permission of the craftsman.

Please be assured that the process from packing to delivery will be done by the craftsman who understands the crafts best.

【Example of use】

You can use it by putting small items or putting sweets when you entertain guests.

[Recommended destination]

Bamboo is auspicious, as is the case with Shochikuume. In addition to gifts for those who are indebted, it is also recommended for wedding gifts and gifts.

[Recommended reason]

The beauty of bamboo work gives the space a gorgeous look. Why don't you try to entertain with a special guard when you visit a visitor?


The modern design that adds a profound feeling to the delicacy is attractive by using the technique of "masa bending" that bends a wide bamboo, which is rare in Suruga Bamboo Sensuji work.

[Size / Weight]

Medium x height 27 cm x 8 cm 370 g



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* After purchase The 7th We will pack and ship within.

If you are in a hurry, please contact us after filling in the date of receipt when you can purchase. We will check with the craftsman and inform you of the availability.

* Since each item is handmade by a craftsman, the number is limited.

* In principle, we do not accept returns or exchanges of products unless the product is damaged by delivery.

If there is damage, after delivery is completed 3 Please fill in and contact us within a day.

* Please contact us if you wish to purchase or make a reservation for more than the number in stock. We will check with the craftsman about the period during which production is possible and the standard for securing inventory.

* Because it is handmade by a craftsman, it may differ slightly from the photo. Enjoy the difference that is different one by one

* Theft of the design of each product is strictly prohibited.