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【Example of use】

You can use it as a strap in various places such as mobile phones and wallets.

[Recommended destination]

How about giving it to people in other prefectures as a small gift or a wooden craft that shows Shizuoka?

[Recommended reason]

You can enjoy the woody feel of fat pine with a simple design that does not stand out too much. Why don't you casually decorate your mobile phone or wallet with a special strap?


For the first time as a fat pine work 70 It has a long history, and the technology that has been cultivated has been incorporated into the strap. You can enjoy the uniqueness of fat pine.

[Size] (length x width x height g)

Large (wooden part) 36 × 17 × 3 3g

Small 9-10 × 27-36 × 3 2g

[ Material]

black pine

* This product is sold by Takumi's house with the direct permission of the craftsman.

* Please be assured that the process from packing to delivery will be done by the craftsman who understands the crafts best.

* 3000 yen Shipping fee will be charged for the above purchases free Will be.

* After purchase The 7th We will pack and ship within.

If you are in a hurry, please contact us after filling in the date of receipt when you can purchase. We will check with the craftsman and inform you of the availability.

* Since each item is handmade by a craftsman, the number is limited.

* In principle, we do not accept returns or exchanges of products unless the product is damaged by delivery.

If there is damage, after delivery is completed 3 Please fill in and contact us within a day.

* Please contact us if you wish to purchase or make a reservation for more than the number in stock. We will check with the craftsman about the period during which production is possible and the standard for securing inventory.

* Because it is handmade by a craftsman, it may differ slightly from the photo. Enjoy the difference that is different one by one

* Theft of the design of each product is strictly prohibited.