To craftsmen

We are looking for craftsmen to exhibit with the aim of increasing the types of crafts that customers can purchase.

There are no fixed costs such as ~ yen per month so as not to burden the craftsmen. We charge a 25% commission when you purchase the item. Therefore, there is no loss due to listing.

The 25% you receive includes the costs required to maintain the shop, such as inventory management and credit card transactions.

We manage the shop such as creating product descriptions, PR on SNS, inventory management, inquiries, and responding to returns. We would like to take the place of what the craftsmen can't do while spending their time making products.


・ Please bear the shipping fee to the craftsmen. (It is possible to add a shipping fee to cheap items)

・ The number of stocks may be 0. We ask at the craftsman's pace.

・ We ask the craftsmen themselves to pack and deliver the products.

・ We can take pictures at a reasonable price.

・ We will leave the price setting, such as setting the price for online shopping.

For other details, please request the materials or call the phone number below.

I hope I can support the craftsmen as much as possible.

Please feel free to contact us.


tel: Representative 080-8699-1289 Deputy Representative 070-2298-6331

We are looking forward to hearing from you.