Shizuoka sawn goods

[History of sawn products]

It is said that the technology of sawing originates in Eigenji Town, Kanzaki District, Shiga Prefecture.

Since ancient times, grinding technology has spread all over the country and various things such as bowls have been made, but the beginning of grinding in Shizuoka was in the first year of the Meiji era (1864), Yonbancho Sakai, Shizuoka City. It is said to be the first time.

Currently, it has a history of about 130 years, and about 40 members of the Shizuoka Grinding Association have inherited this work in Shizuoka City. We support the industry of Shizuoka City from below by manufacturing parts in a wide range of fields such as furniture, chicks, Buddhist altars, painted wood, and teaching materials, which are local industries in Shizuoka City.

[Materials and production areas of sawn products]

Keyaki (Keyaki) -Nagano Prefecture Sakura (Sakura) -Yamanashi Prefecture Sen (plug), Wig (Katsura), Buna-Shizuoka Prefecture

[Registration and designation of Shizuoka sawdust]

In May 1991, Shizuoka sawn goods were designated as "Shizuoka Prefecture Local Crafts" designated by the Governor of Shizuoka Prefecture.
Production by basic hand-grinding technology is on the decline, but the technology is still alive and inherits the goodness of products made only by hand-grinding.